Safari Botswana – July offer

We do have a Botswana Safaris on offer, departing 5th of July 2009!

***200 Euro off ***

This is our excellent Botswana Adventure Trail Safari, 18 days full off adventure. Featuring Mapungubwe, the Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Central Kalahari Game Reserve (Deception Valley), Maun, Moremi Game Reserve & the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park including the Savute area (e.g. see also National Geographic movies like Lion’s of Darkness, Eternal Enemies – Lions vs. Hyenas), the Chobe River front and the Victoria Falls (Livingstone Zambia). Read more!

Zebra @ Khama Rhino Sanctuary – Safari Botswana highlight! Read more!

Gemsbok Bull courtship circling

gemsbok-bullKgalagadi Transfrontier Park (South Africa side) Gemsbok “courtship circling”, the female gemsbok (not at the picture) is moving away from the bull. Very interersting sighting as most of the time these antilopes are just feeding, resting under a tree or walking through the bush. The bull is trying to move behind the female to sniff her backside. The erected tail (see picture) and the foreleg lifting of the bull (not at this picture) are clear signs his is ready to mount the female.  The bull did finally mount the female but she rejected him by moving away.


Mapungubwe National Park, South Africa. A lot of  South Africans do (unfortunately) not know their own Mapungubwe National Park. Being relatively new this National Park at the Botswana / Zimbabwe border is worth visiting. It’s both a World Heritage Site (read more at the SANPARKS website) and a good place to watch Elephants at close range! This family decided to supply us with the bum shot, a popular wildlife pose in general!

Tongasabi Safaris visiting the Mapungubwe National Park:

Botswana Adventure Trail & Botswana Lodge Safari (+ shortened tours) and the special Mapungubwe & Kruger Park Safari.