Botswana break downs 1995

Just some good old Botswana Land Rover pictures! It’s my Series Land Rover on the Maun 2 Sepupa road, the wheel almost came off! Probably a loose wheel bearing causing the hub to over heat and break the axle shaft. But within 24 hours back on the road with 2nd hand replacement parts! As you can see on the first image I did cut off the 2nd door (1st door can be divided as standard on a Series Landy) to increase visibility for the 2nd row passengers.

The third image is another break down, all rear spring blades broken! It did happen in Chobe National Park, Botswana.  As a bush repair I did use the ground anchor and some straps to secure the rear axle. This repair did last all the way from Chobe National Park to my base in Harare (Zimbabwe).