another white Christmas?

Like last year we might get another white Christmas… 

Kanga in the snow

Kanga the white 200Tdi Land Rover Defender parked in the snow. Last night minus 14, bit of a change compared to the African heat!

The S2a project back on the road…

Finished the S2a Land Rover project, the 1965 SWB 88 Land Rover is now back on the road. Canvas hood and pastel green color.  Next job will be getting a MOT (APK in Holland). It has been a busy summer, lot’s of ‘normal’ work and still working on a few other vehicle projects. This little green Landy will be used in and around town on sunny days…. no door tops and a bit ‘The Gods must be crazy’ look!

Terrafirma coil springs suspension

Busy with the “normal” work load but have find some time in between to sort out the spring trouble on the 130 Station Wagon. Last summer I’ve replace the sagging Britpart rear springs with my ‘old’ Old Man Emu 754 ones but those turned out to be way to strong for the weight of the vehicle. I’ve now found the perfect spring (hopefully) with the right load specifications of 330 lbs/in and a free spring length of 435mm. These new TF019 springs are manufactured by Allmakes and their Terrafirma brand. I’m awaiting my spring order and will update my blog as soon as these Terrafrima springs have arrived!



Terrafirma TF019 rear springs medium duty for Land Rover 110 and 130. There are several ratings available including heavy load like the old OME springs I’m replacing at the moment. For front I do consider to match the rear springs with the TF018 spring. The rating of those springs should be good enough for my 130 fitted with Superwinch X9 winch and (steel) steering protector.

Land Rover LT230 Transfer Box

Busy with work, holiday and now some vehicle maintenance. Still sorting out the springs on the 130. Will post more on that one a little later. Main problem with the Defender 130 Station Wagon is a real bad oil leak.  The EP 80/90 oil is leaking via the intermediate shaft out of the LT230 transfer box.  The unit has been reconditioned 35.000km back by a professional company….

I do expect the o-ring seal on the intermediate shaft to be broken and searching on the Internet revealed it to be a common problem.  It should be an “easy repair” but the only way to get to this rubber seal is by taking out the transfer box of the vehicle and dismantle it! So it’s actually a lot of work!

As I do have two other LT230 units on the shelf I’ve decided to recondition one of the boxes by myself! OK I’m not novice to gearboxes, reconditioned two Series 3 gearboxes back in the nineties.

As it is difficult to take a picture of the actual leak I’ve edited the image below. The red circle on the left is the intermediate shaft. The right circle is the input gear / shaft and connecting to the main gearbox, a LT77.


The first image is the oil leak of the LT230 fitted to the vehicle right now, second image is the serial number with suffix ‘E’ and another engraving which might be a referrer to a previous reconditioning of this transfer box. This actual unit is 1992.  The third image, the complete box dismantled into pieces. The fourth image a close up of the gears, on the left the intermediate gears + shaft. On the right the main shaft with differential.

My next step is ordering all new bearings, seals, gaskets and some small bits and pieces. The most difficult of the full reconditioning job is to get the bearing pre loads right. Main shaft & intermediate shaft. Special tools are needed which I don’t have.

Timing Belt change 200Tdi Defender

This weekend I’ve changed the timing belt of my 200Tdi Defender (Kanga).  I’m glad I did as the old drive belt did have some serious damage! See the two pictures below. Mileage on the old belt 22.000km.

At this stage it’s wise to replace the cam shaft and crank shaft oil seals + fit a new genuine tensioner. I did also replace the waterpump. Belt OEM made by DAYCO.

On this Land Rover website page you can read and down load a full article on changing the timimg belt of a 200Tdi.
Tools I’ve been using are the Difflock Timing Kit and the Difllock Crank Shaft Pully Tool.

Springs and shocks @ 130 Defender

Spend some time this weekend on changing the suspension on my 130 Defender. New shocks and front springs. Some funny noises triggered this repair job. Removing the plastic cover above the front suspension turret revealed a sheared off shock absorber bracket. No wonder that side did feel a bit spongy!

Yellow Britpart HD front springs replacing the old ones. New HD shock absorber turrets and Delphi De-Carbon gas dampers.

Self Drive Botswana August Offer

New self drive safari to Botswana on offer! Based on 6 nights in Moremi Game Reserve (incl. Okavango Boat trip + wild camping on Island) + two nights Chobe National Park Savute.

An 8 nights safari to be extended with Kasane / Chobe River, Maun, Makgadikgdi, Central Kalahari and other places of interest of your choice. The Moremi – Chobe Savute section is based on start 15 August end 23 August.

We will supply you with a 4×4 vehicle + camping gear and design together with you the full safari itinerary. Please contact Marco via Email or telephone +31748510174, competitive rental rate & excellent value 4 money!

Self drive safari Botswana on offer!

self-drive-botswana-4x4Please check this link for the latest August 2009 self drive Botswana offer!

We have got a 4×4 self drive safari inclusive vehicle & Botswana National Parks bookings on offer! Travel dates 26-04 / 13-05.  The safari is based on the Botswana Adventure Trail itinerary as listed on the website. Featuring: Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Moremi Game Reserve & Chobe National Park (Savute). Vehicle supplied: Td5 Land Rover Defender Stationwagon + full camping kit. Group size, just 2-4 people or if needed we can supply you with a 2nd vehicle so max. group size can be 8.

Please contact me for more details on this special self drive safari Botswana offer.


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Just back from the recce trip to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa, this area is part of the larger Transfrontier Park with Botswana. Kalahari sand, red dunes and arid desert vegetation. We’ve been exploring the 4×4 tracks and stayed at several of the (new) wilderness camps. More pictures + info on this safari will be published soon!

Tongasabi Recce Vehicle, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (Kalahari Desert)