Kaokoland and Himba Safari Namibia

Are you in for adventure? Join us on the Kaokoland and Himba Safari through Northern Namibia, a real 4×4 adventure! The journey of a life time 🙂  All the way to Epupa Falls, Marienfluss, Van Zijls Pass, Purros, Etosha National Park and Spitzkoppe. The best itinerary for Northern Namibia. Info on the Dutch Tongasabi website, drop me an email to receive the UK version.

Last Minute departure: 10-02 to 24-02-2010 code NNS-00 (start & end WIndhoek Namibia)

You won’t regret, a real safari adventure to remote places! Encounter Desert Elephants, wild places, Himba Tribes and more! Swim at the Epupa Falls and enjoy wildlife of Etosha National Park. Unbeatable sunset at Spitzkoppe!

Departure dates for 2010 (start & end WIndhoek Namibia):

10-02 to 24-02-2010 code NNS-00
05-05 to 19-05-2010 code NNS-01
23-11 to 07-12-2010 code NNS-02
15-12 to 29-12-2010 code NNS-03

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